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Some 400 learners are part of Sabie Primary.

We are a small parallel medium school wich offers outstanding opportunity for all learners to express themselves and to excel not only in academics, but also cultural activities and sport.

The democratic composition of the school reflects a true South African picture as we have 50% black learners and 50% white learners. We have a very dedicated staff of 28 consisting of educators, administrative staff and workers.

Die missie van Laerskool Sabie is om deurgaans die beste belang van die leerders, opvoeders, ouers en die gemeenskap te soek en te dien.

Om Laerskool Sabie uit te bou as die beste opvoedingsgeleentheid wat aan sy leerders gebied kan word.

At all times Sabie Primary aims:

to maintain, protect and promote Christian values while recognizing and protecting freedom of religion.

To use Afrikaans and English as the official teaching languages.

We strive for excellence in our academic and educational standards whilst promoting a variety extra cirucular activities to promote a healthy body and mind

Our aim is further to:

  • advance and protect our character, ethos and motto;
  • educate our learners to be responsible citizens of South Africa; identification and development of leadership on all levels.

Ons sewe pilare van waardes:

  1. Eko-vriendelikheid/Eco Friendliness
  2. Verantwoordelikheid/Responsibility
  3. Integriteit/Integrity
  4. Respek/Respect
  5. Toegewydheid/Commitment
  6. Ubuntu (Care/Omgee)
  7. Nederigheid/Humility

Ons verwerp:

  1. Selfsugtigheid/Selfishness
  2. Pasiwiteit/Passivity
  3. Onbetrokkenheid/Involvedness
  4. Gemiddeldheid/Averageness
  5. Onopregtheid/ Incincereness
  6. Egosentrisme/ Egocentrism
  7. Slordigheid/ Untidiness

Om die beste laerskool van sy soort in Suid-Afrika te wees.

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