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At Bosvolkies we strive towards Christian values and therefore our goal is to have a happy child and a happy parent. Our goal is to develop the child to his/her fullest potential without pressure with encouragement and guidance so that he/she will be able to master the required skills that is needed to enter the formal teaching successfully. So not only to be school ready but to be ready for the way forward!

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME: (Strictly according to CAPS)

• All aspects of Gr. R, including the classroom environment and teaching and learning practice,
should promote holistic development of the child.
• Every 2 weeks a new theme (that is specifically related to the child’s experience) the teacher
should be pro-active rather than a facilitator.
• Language Activities (10 hours per week, Home language): theme discussion, learning rhymes,
dramatization, perceptual development, scientific discoveries, awareness of their environment
(including outings or visits), show and tell, music, movement, body awareness and memory
development as well as creative activities.
• Mathematics (7 hours per week) According to CAPS policy.
Includes cognitive development (problem solving, logical thought and reasoning), language
development (the language of mathematics) and perceptual development.
• Life Skills (6 hours per week)
• Art activities: draw, paint, cut, thread, playing with dough, on a daily basis to optimise fine
motoric development.
• Music activities: knowledge through engaging in dance, music, drama and visual art.
• Movement activities: developing gross motor skills such as; balance, hand-eye co-ordination,
foot-eye co-ordination.
• Awareness of social relationships: promoting interaction, developing respect, sharing and
helpfulness. Knowledge of personal health and safety.
• Free play activities: fantasy play, gross motor play) climbing, swinging, balancing etc.) water
play, sand- play, educational apparatus.
• Entrepreneurship: Connected to the new policy (CAPS) and weekly tuck shop.
• Our Grade R classes do not follow a traditional, formal classroom-based learning programme
that is tightly structured which makes it watered down Gr. 1 class.

GRADE R (Reception year)

• Grade R are taught by trained teachers.
• The prescribed Departmental Curriculum (CAPS) for Gr R is followed
• There are two Gr R classes, one which is Afrikaans and the other one English.

The amount is adjusted and established after our yearly budget meeting. School fees must be paid before the 5th of every month.

Outings or visitors to our school will be introduced to our learners for the practical side of some of the themes. Support services in our community will be introduced to our learners such as; Traffic dept., Police, Fire brigade etc. There might be additional costs involved and will have to be paid by the parents.
Please note: LW: No learner will be allowed to go on an outing without written consent by the parent/guardian. Within the town the General Indemnity Form applies. Parents will always be informed of any outing that will take place.

On Mondays we wear our school T-Shirt with any black shorts or school tracksuit.
(Jeans are welcome too) as well as outings or special occasions. For the rest of the week it is the parents own choice. Learners mustn’t wear their best or new clothes, seeing that they will be painting and messing on their clothes. Please mark all belongings so that it makes the staff’s work easier. Lost clothing will be kept separate.


Grade R’s will be evaluated throughout the year. One adjustment report will be given in March and then after a more complete progress report will be given in June, September and December, strictly according to CAPS policy of the 7-point scale.


• Extracurricular activities: To make it easier for the parents there will be considered to offer the
extracurricular activities within school hours on the school premises. Currently “Play ball” is
accommodated by Bosvolkies. These activities are not operated by Bosvolkies and therefore
Bosvolkies will not be responsible for any injuries caused.
• Photos: Individual photos are taken at the beginning of every year. Parents are not obliged to
buy the photos. Informal photos will be taken throughout the year by the staff on outings and
special occasions and will be available to buy.
• Birthdays: This is surely the highlight of every Gr. R and therefore each one will be specially
treated. Parents are welcome to send treats to school, just makes arrangements beforehand.
• Any other events: Special events in the Gr. R’s life are gladly shared with him/her. Let us know
of weddings, births, visits etc.
• Concert/Revue: This day is which every Gr. R look forward to.
Every Gr. R will get an opportunity to take part. His/her self-confidence develops as well as
appreciation for others attempts. We are linked with the Primary School’s busy programme.
• Fund raising: From time to time fundraisers will be held.

Bosvolkies will be closed during the holidays.

• Absenteeism must please be done telephonically.
• No Gr. R will be allowed to come to school with a contagious illness or when he/she has lice.
Only once they have fully recovered they will be allowed to come back to school.
• If any Gr.R has an allergy, we must please be informed.
• Any medication that has to be taken must be given to the teacher involved, and not be kept
within the Gr. R’s possession.


Bosvolkies will be open on Mondays to Fridays from 07 07:00 to 13:30, LSEN and sport will be from 13:30 to 14:30.
Because of the fact that we learn through play, it isn’t necessary for Gr. R’s to be at school at exactly 7:00. Our daily programme only starts at 7:30. There are lots of years ahead of waking up early and there isn’t such a thing at Bosvolkies as “being late”.

Arrangements around dropping of and picking up:

• Gr. R’s are dropped off and picked up at the bottom small gate at Bosvolkies.


• The security gates will be closed at all times, when all the Gr. R’s are inside the classes.
• The play area will always be under supervision and will also be locked.
• If the Gr. R’s are picked up by maids, friends, and families or lift clubs, teachers must please be
informed. Gr. R’s may only be picked up by their brothers or sisters if parents give consent.
• Gr. R’s may not be sent to parents waiting in cars but must be personally picked up.
• Visiting hours and appointments with staff must be scheduled on Mondays.


Adjusting are at times very difficult especially leaving home and mommy for the first time. It is like any other unfamiliar situation also in an adult world. Remember that it takes courage to leave your child behind especially when he/she is crying. But don’t give up say goodbye and leave, it makes it easier for you as the parent as well as the child. As soon as the parent shows uncertainty and doubtfulness, children can feel it and then they might play up or manipulate the situation. Your are welcome to phone and check up on your child’s well-being. Be ensured that we have an open door policy if any problems must be discussed. Parents are requested not to pick up their children late because it upsets the child, being the only one waiting for his/her parent/s.


Each child will receive a list of requirements and need to follow a few guidelines below:

• Each Gr. R must have a suitcase preferably a backpack.
• Very important for everyday: One set of clean clothes, underwear and a warm garment (we
never know what happens and we all know, how unpredictable Sabie’s weather is), as well as a
plastic packet.
• All suitcases, clothing and lunch boxes must be marked.


• A lunch box with sandwiches, healthy snacks, such as biltong, fruit, cheese, nuts etc. are
allowed. You may also send an extra juice or milk drink, even though the water and cooldrink
are provided to the Gr. R’s.
• To avoid disagreement, parents are requested not to send sweets or gas cooldrink to school.
Please help us in this regard.

Tuck shop facilities are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please do not send more than R5-00 at a time. This way they learn early to work with money and they get the feeling of self-worth (I chose my own things…!)Though the Gr. R’s may not just buy but are only rationed to 2 items at a time. Please let the school know of any allergies that he/she might have.

• No toys or pets may be brought to school.
• Gr. R’s may bring articles that has to do with the week’s theme and will be put on the Theme
table for display only.
• The school is closed on public holidays and long weekends. Even though the school is open during school holidays the school will be closed during December.

We trust that your child will be very happy at BOSVOLKIES and that they will experience positivity on their way to becoming mature. We are looking forward to having you as part of our Bosvolkie community.

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Fax : (013) 764 3510

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